Mobile Broadband

Currently trying to persuade a 3 Huawei E160G USB Modem to play ball with Ubuntu on an eeePC.

Theres been some useful notes to help along the way at Danis Blog and the Ubuntu Forums.

The easy solution however was with the aid of this little application and a reboot all is well. to get to the betavine page you may have to fiddle about with certificates. Its the Vodaphone mobile connect driver I used the 1.99.17 version with Ubuntu Hardy running on a eeePC701

eeePC Wont Boot

Another useful thing to have on hand is System Rescue CD on a usb stick. If you should fill up your eeePC and it wont boot you can startup from this and fix your machine. (Reminder)To get a boot menu, hit Escape as the eeePC is starting up.

Something I have now done a few times when copying to a removeable device is to miss out a folder name and copy to the /media/device_name folder ie missed out the folder that is the actual devices partition…..result on two occasions has been no space left.

A full eeePC does not boot 🙂


The notes for System Rescue CD have a couple of typos. Assuming you are building your stick from windows, the command syslinux -ma E: is what you need. In one section -ma has been missed out 🙂

eeePC Backup

There are various ways of backing up your eeePC. Current favorite is this script from the eeePC Forums.