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Ninelocks specialise in the development of software for mobile devices such as PDAs and Smartphones. The majority of our work is writing specialised “one-off” solutions for individuals and companies. Some of these project also lead to spin-off freeware and shareware applications.

Some members of the team are also involved in research into the use of mobile devices in education. In fact Ninelocks first application was PocketCites for Windows which enabled biblographic infomation to be transferred from EndNote to a PDA.

No matter how big or small your question is, we like to try to help so if you have a PDA related question get in contact with us.

Bespoke software solutions

Ninelocks have been contracted to write a number of custom applications such as....

The PixController Cellular-Eye project was to provide the camera and communication software that runs on the smartphone component of  the innovative PixController wireless trail camera.

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