Legacy Products

These are a few of our older freeware and shareware apps

Android Applications

Free Android Applications


Explore Bytes, binary and twos complement number systems in a fun and informative way. ByteSplorer written to assist students to understand binary numbers and interpreting the value stored in a byte. Windows version can be be downloaded from here. JAVA version can be be downloaded from here.(Supplied as a zip file. Requires Java 1.7. )

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This is an update of the version (with multiple cats) of the old Mac Desktop accessory.

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NineKeys Lite

Music Sight reading tutor

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Find notes on the the fretboard of your Bass/Guitar/Uke

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Still Riding

Quickly Send an SMS of Your Location
When out on an cycle or walk it Still Riding makes it quick and easy to send an SMS containing a URL to GoogleMaps showing where you are.

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NinePOI (Place of Interest)
NinePOI was written to provide a quick means of collecting and sending geographically tagged information for survey and hazard reporting purposes.
This version defaults to a mode to enable reporting faults on cycle routes but can be customised via its setting to use categories and labels more suitable for your own projects. A beta version of a Desktop Java Application to manage POI collections can be downloaded from here.(Requires Java 1.7)

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PalmOS Applications

Links are to very old ninelocks pages

VFSFTP Product Icon for FTP (latest version 1.3.9, 30/05/2007)
VFSFTP enables files to be transferred between a PalmOS PDA and an FTP server. Memos may be converted to text files for uploads and text files downloaded from the server may be saved as memos. Files can also be sent from a memory card using Bluetooth. Applications may be downloaded and automatically installed on your PDA from an FTP server.. ** Read a review of VFSFTP in Palmtop-Pro magazine **

TeksFiles Product Icon for TeksFiles ( 1.0.3, 22/06/2005)
Beam and store non Palm files on your Palm

NineColours Product Icon for NineColours FREE
An HTML colour chooser, which also saves the colours in html format as a memo .

AppLog Product Icon for Applog FREE (latest version 5.0.0, 20/02/2005)
AppLog is an application logging tool for use on PalmOS PDA's. It has been written to assist researchers studying the use of PDA's. Each log entry notes the time, date and application identifier whenever an application is started and how long the application is used for.

Applications for Windows Mobile

Porlock Product Icon NineCam
Survey and data collection tool for Windows Mobile

TeksPhotos Product Icon NineCam
Time-lapse photography with a SPVC500/Audiovox 5600

TeksNotes Product Icon NineCam
A note taker and text editor for Windows Smartphones

Neko for PocketPC Product Icon for Neko
Pointless but fun. The old Mac desk accessory, a small cat that chases the stylus.

TeksPhotos2 Product Icon for TeksFiles
Time-lapse photography and automatic picture emailing for Windows Mobile 5

Even Older Legacy Products

PalmOS Applications

MiniMidi V3 product icon minimidi (Latest Version 3.3.0, 20/09/2003) 5 stars icon Tucows 5 cow rating
A more advanced version of MiniMidi .MiniMidi3 has user definable sliders and can save 4 banks of settings.
This version is shareware(customised versions available). Download

WatchMail product icon watchmail ( 1.0.0 ,01/06/2003 )
Send Casio Watch camera images from your Palm OS PDA. Download

Eye2Snapper product icon eye2snapper ( 1.0.1 ,31/05/2003 )
Send EyeModule2 camera images using SnapperMail. Download

TravMail product icon stikmaikl (latest version 1.0.4, 31/05/2003)
Have you got a Veo Camera for your Palm or Kyocera smartphone? With TravMail you can send your Photos to SnapperMail and email them directly from your Palm or SmartPhone! Download

StikMail product icon stikmail (latest version 1.0.7, 02/10/2003)
Have you got a Memory Stick camera attachment  for your Clie? With StikMail you can email your photos directly from the Clie! StikMail will also email images produced using the Sony Clie-Paint application. Download

PixeMail product icon pixemail (latest version 3.0.9, 26/04/2003)
Have you got a Kodak PalmPix camera attachment  for your Palm? With PixeMail you can email/FTP your photos directly from the Palm! Also supports copying files to and from memory cards. Download

EyeMail product icon eyemail (latest version 3.1.1, 08/11/2003)
Have you got an Eyemodule or Eyemodule2 camera attachment  for your Handspring Visor? With EyeMail you can email/FTP your photos direct from the Visor!. Download EyeMail 1 , Download EyeMail2

PhotoSave product icon photosave (latest version 3.0.9, 26/04/2003)
PhotoSave enables photos to be copied from your camera and then sent by email/FTP. Or you may choose to keep them on the Palm then upload them to a PC when you get back home.

The application also provides additional camera control features to allow adjustment of camera automatic shutdown times and can also be used as a shutter release cable.

Only suitable for machines using PalmOS 4 and LOWER and only works via a serial connection. Download


VFSMail product icon cardmail (latest version 3.0.9, 26/04/2003)
Email/FTP files and photos from your Palm SD/MMC Card. Download

Palm Serial Interface Products

Barcoder product icon barcoder
The Ninelocks barcode reader enables external devices, such as barcode readers, to be connected to the Palm. Only suitable for machines using PalmOS 4 and LOWER and only works via a serial connection. Download

MousePad product icon mousepad
MousePad allows a Palm to be used in place of a serial Mouse, allowing you to use the Palm as a mini graphics pad. Only suitable for machines using PalmOS 4 and LOWER and only works via a serial connection. Download


PC applications to support Palm OS applications

PocketCites for Windows product icon pocketcites (latest version 1.35 August 19 2001) Transfer bibliography data to and from your Palm. This is a collaboration with Woodenbrain concepts . It supports the transfer of files from Endnote, Reference Manager and ProCite on the PC to JFile databases on the Palm. Download

JF-Help product icon jfh
A helper to manage jFile conversion projects. Have you got various command line convertors you use with your various Palm applications. With JF-Help you can control them from a point and click Windows application. Download

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