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TeksFiles for Palm cardmail icon
a File Helper for PalmOS

Ever wanted to save non Palm files on your Palm?

TeksFiles enables a Palm to receive all type of file beamed to it and saved on the card.

The applications purpose in life is simple...To allow any type of file to be beamed to the PDA from another device via irda/bluetooth and stored on the Palm, either in main memory or on a memory card. So that they can then be beamed somewhere else.

The typical use is to copy small files from a desktop system eg .bat files zip files , etc.

The Palm can then be used as a wireless file storage.
TeksFiles also allow files (including non PalmOS files) to be copied to a temporary storage area on the Palm then copied back to a different card. This can help when needing to organise files on a card (such as swapping MP3 files etc.

If you would like more information about this application please contact us.

A great companion to TeksFiles is the free text file editor SiEd at http://benroe.com/sied/index.html

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The most up-to-date versions are always available here.

(Latest Version1.0.3, 22/06/2005)

The demo version is fully functional.

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