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TimeLapse Camera and Picture email sender for Windows Mobile 5

TeksPhotos2 allows a Windows Mobile 5 device such as a Treo 700W or Fujitsu EDA to to automatically take photos at preset intervals enabling simple time-lapse photography. The pictures can also be emailed automatically.

We are looking for Beta testers for this application.

If you would like to help click here to contact us



The TeksPhotos2 main screen. To set the time interval, picture size and email options choose items from the Menu.

There is also a "Take Picture" option so that you can test the settings.

"Number of Photos" sets how many photos will be taken. If set to zero then TeksPhotos will continue to take pictures untill there is no memory space left.

The time interval is the amount of time between each photo being taken and may be specified in seconds/minutes/hours.

If "Send To Outlook" is checked then a copy of the picture taken in your outlook outbox.

If "Tell Outlook to Send" is checked, then after each picture is taken Outlook will attempt to send any emails in its outbox.



pixemail icon Download latest BETA version of TeksPhotos2pixemail icon
There are two version of TeksPhotos2.

Please note this is a Beta test version. You are recommended to have a backup of your device. You use this application at your own risk.

Download TeksPhotos BETA for Devices WITH Touchscreens eg Treo 700W, Qtek 9100

Download TeksPhotos BETA for devices WITHOUT Touchscreens eg i-mate SP5m

Frequently asked Questions


System Requirements:

A Windows Mobile 5 device with .NET Compact Framework 2.x is installed.

Will TeksPhotos work on my device?

The support for cameras varies between different Windows Mobile 5 devices. We have tested with the devices shown below. If you find that TeksPhotos does not work on your device please contact us and we will try to add support for that device.

What are the limitations of the demo version

The demo version will provide full functionality for 30 days. After 30 days you will require a registration code.

Devices known to work with TeksPhotos2

Devices with touchscreens.

Treo 700W, Fujitsu Siemens EDA, Qtek9100

Devices without touchscreens (phones)

iMate SP5m,


If you have any questions, suggestions or problems please click here to contact us


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