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Porlock is Survey delivery and collection system for Windows Mobile 5.

The surveys are displayed as web forms making it easy to edit and layout your surveys.

The survey results are collected by Porlock and can be emailed to you automatically.

For added security survey results can also be encrypted. A desktop companion application is used to unencrypt the results.

The results file is in comma-separated format(CSV) suitable for use with spreadsheet and database programs.


Porlock offers an Administration interface so that you can set the frequency with which the survey is presented to the user as well as other variables such as output type, target email address for the results file and encryption password.


In addition custom versions of Porlock can support

  • Customisable Scheduler
  • CSV results file
  • Optional Encryption of Results
  • Remotely activated by SMS Message (For Phone enabled devices)
  • Updated surveys can be downloaded at specified intervals or as a result of SMS messages .

We are actively seeking beta testers for Porlock. If you want to know more click here to contact us



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