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Applications for Windows Mobile

TeksPhotos2 Product Icon for TeksFiles
Time-lapse photography and automatic picture emailing for Windows Mobile 5

PalmOS Applications

VFSFTP Product Icon for FTP (latest version 1.3.9, 30/05/2007)
VFSFTP enables files to be transferred between a PalmOS PDA and an FTP server. Memos may be converted to text files for uploads and text files downloaded from the server may be saved as memos. Files can also be sent from a memory card using Bluetooth. Applications may be downloaded and automatically installed on your PDA from an FTP server..** Read a review of VFSFTP in Palmtop-Pro magazine **

TeksFiles Product Icon for TeksFiles ( 1.0.3, 22/06/2005)
Beam and store non Palm files on your Palm

Free Applications for PalmOS

NineColours Product Icon for NineColours FREE
An HTML colour chooser, which also saves the colours in html format as a memo.

AppLog Product Icon for Applog FREE (latest version 5.0.0, 20/02/2005)
AppLog is an application logging tool for use on PalmOS PDA's. It has been written to assist researchers studying the use of PDA's. Each log entry notes the time, date and application identifier whenever an application is started and how long the application is used for.

Free Applications for PocketPC

Porlock Product Icon NineCam
Survey and data collection tool for Windows Mobile

TeksPhotos Product Icon NineCam
Time-lapse photography with a SPVC500/Audiovox 5600

TeksNotes Product Icon NineCam
A note taker and text editor for Windows Smartphones

Neko for PocketPCProduct Icon for Neko
Pointless but fun. The old Mac desk accessory, a small cat that chases the stylus.

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