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an HTML Colour Picker

  NineColours is a helper application for choosing web page colours. Colours may be mixed by adjusting the colour sliders or by picking a starting colour from a colour palette. The display shows the colour as a 16 bit colour and as an 8 bit "websafe" colour. For each colour in the colour list a short note can be attached to remind you what intend to use the colour for.

NineColours can also be used as a colour notebook if you are choosing paint or other colour items.

NineColours was originally designed to help choose colors on a webpage. In the classroom, it can be used to help study the mixing of colors.

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Once you have choosen your colours the information can be exported as an HTML formatted memo. Just do a hotsync and paste the memo into a document and then display it as a web page. An example of a Colour chart memo exported from NineColours is shown below.


Colour Chart
24 Bit Colour 24 Bit Colour Code Web Safe Colour Web Safe Colour Code Name
5B6582 666699 Side bar
AB5AD6 9966CC Links
17EF7F 00FF66 Case colour
7F00FF 6600FF Heading Colour
7F7F7F 777777 Background
9CE67F 99FF66 Big logo
B10056 990066 Music page heading
FF69A7 FF6699 Sales page

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The most up-to-date versions are always available here.

(NineColours latest version 1.0.3 22/06/2005)

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