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AppLog is an application logging tool for use on PalmOS PDA's. It has been written to assist researchers studying the use of PDA's.

AppLog records the time any application is used on the PDA. Each log entry notes the time, date and application identifier whenever an application is started, and how long the application is used for.

When the PDA is synchronised with the desktop application the file is processed to produce a text file indicating:

  • An application identifier.
  • Date and Time the application was started.
  • How long the application was used.

The file produced is in tab-separated format suitable for use with spreadsheet and database programs.

To Collect the data from PDAs running AppLog on a PDA use the companion application TeksLogs.

Download the user guide for TeksLogs
Download the user guide for AppLog

Regiostration codes for AppLog and TeksLogs are free

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The most up-to-date versions are always available here.

(latest version 5.0.0, 20/02/2005)

Download AppLog Version 5 with TeksLogs

If you require the desktop conduit version please email



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